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US Airways Club Review Philadelphia (PHL)

With the merger of US Air and American Airlines all US Air Clubs are now Admirals Clubs. I am sure not much has changed with this club as of now, other than maybe the snack offerings. You can see my review of American’s Admiral Club at the St. Louis Airport (STL) to see what the Admiral’s Club has to offer;

I arrived for a mid morning flight from PHL to SFO very early today so I had a long time to spend in the US Airways Club. I was able to enter the lounge with a reciprocal agreement with my United Club membership. This lounge is located upstairs between Terminal B & C. There are two entrances. I entered security through Terminal C and did not see the entrance across from the food court. I entered the lounge at the elevators after Terminal B security (elevators are facing gates, not security).

The lounge is very big and roomy. It is narrow, but very long. Has big windows facing south that has a nice view of the runway. There are many places to sit. Gray comfortable chairs in groups of 4 along the window and more chairs to sit in the middle. Some of the chairs in the middle have a swinging tray attached so you could work from your computer without it being in your lap. There are round tables at the seats along the window you can use for your computer, but they are more to put food or drinks on (I am typing this from my lap). One small complaint. There are not that many outlets available. There is one at my seat, but some other seats do not have outlets. There are also two areas with work desks available that have outlets. Free Wifi thru T-mobile is available and the airport also has free Wifi thru AT&T.

There is a quite area in the back as well as two areas that have TV’s. There is also a good size bar in the lounge that has two additional TV’s. One or two of the TV’s in the lounge are small and not HD. The two over the bar are HD (although relatively small as well). I also noticed a sign for those traveling in Envoy Class (US Air’s Bus. Class) to present coupons for free drinks. House Wine and Beer are complimentary for all guests, but there is a charge for premium Wine and Beer and mixed drinks (I assume those traveling International Business Class can get complimentary premium drinks as well). I also saw on the menu it is possible to order food for a fee. I think just sandwiches and wraps.

The one thing I was disappointed with was the food offerings in the morning. The choice was small. Just bagels (bad ones at that), instant oatmeal packets, a small bowl of apples, and Activa Yogurt (which was very good). There was also no toaster that would have at least disguised to quality of the bagels. On the positive side (besides the yogurt), there was plenty of pitchers of decent orange juice on the bar along with ice water, and tomato juice. There are three urn’s consisting of hot water, regular coffee, and decaf. In addition, there is a Flavia machine that makes a variety of hot drinks (hot chocolate, cappuccino, specialty coffee, etc.). I do know that after breakfast US Airways Clubs have fresh baked cookies, unfortunately I will be gone by the time they come out.

There a plenty of newspapers and magazines to read and take with you. Local paper as well as the USA Today. There are two sets of good sized and clean toilets and two reception and ticketing areas (at both entrances). At each entrance there are flight monitors with arrivals and departures and storage areas for luggage. The lounge was not crowded when I arrived (7am) and slightly more crowded when I left (9:30 am). Maybe it gets mores crowded when the International Flights leave. Overall I have a very favorable impression of this lounge. It is nicely decorated and is very open with plenty of light coming in (maybe on hot summer day this would not be good). But most importantly lots of places to sit. This US Airways Club feels more like an International Lounge than just your run of the mill lounges. Now this may be because I do not use US Airways Clubs that often and it is just different and new. Now hopefully my flight will be this pleasant!!

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