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United Million Miler Program Review

I thought I would write a quick review of United’s Million Miler Program as I received a nice gift from them yesterday for reaching the 2 million mile level. Once United’s merger with Continental was finalized earlier this year the Mileage Plus & One Pass programs merged, and how they calculate lifetime miles recalibrated to Continental’s One Pass formula. United always used only actual miles flown on United. Continental was more liberal and would credit minimum miles (so 500 miles from IAH to DFW whereas UA would credit 231 miles from LAX to LAS instead of the 500 miles) They also counted flights with Star Alliance Carriers (or Sky Team when they were in that alliance), Code-shares, & PQM’s. Having already reached Million Miler status with United and having 1,600,000 lifetime miles I added another 400,000 with Continental plus almost 200,000 that were re-calculated using One Pass’s formula and I was at 2,160,000 lifetime miles with UA. I received a letter and e-mail congratulating me for reaching this level and much to my surprise was told I could choose from 6 gifts. An iPod Touch, a Burberry Purse, a Callaway Driver, Swarovski Necklace, a Tumi Travel Organizer & Adaptor and a Riedel Decanter and Wine Glass Set. Wish I could have gotten a 3 wood from Callaway as a have a new driver, so I chose the iPod Touch (it has the 2 Million Miler logo on the back, guess I can’t re-gift it).

In addition to your choice of gifts (you also get a luggage tag). 2 Million Miler’s receive lifetime Premier Platinum Status (1 Million = lifetime gold, 3 million = lifetime 1K, and 4 million = lifetime Global Services). But the benefit I was most excited about was you could invite your spouse or significant other to share your current status. So now my wife is also a 1K member which is a great benefit for both her and I.

I do believe United has reverted back to their old way of calculating lifetime miles. So now only actual flight miles on United or Copa will count toward Million Miler qualification. Class of service bonuses nor codeshare flights are calculated towards lifetime miles. (so if you bought a ticket on United – with a United flight #,  but flight was flown by one of their partners – these miles do not count towards Million Miler status).

American and Delta have similar programs. Delta was much more liberal in counting lifetime miles as was American. Both counted many activities and ways to reach the 1 million mile level. I have not flown Delta (or Northwest) nearly as much as United and I have almost 1,600,000 lifetime miles with Delta and I rarely fly AA and I have 750,000 MM miles with them. As of this year American will calculate Million Miler qualification as United does, flight miles on AA only. I believe Delta has become a bit more stingy as well, but do include Sky Team flights, class of service bonus, and some AMEX credit card purchases. With Delta I received a Tiffany Silver Bowl upon reaching 1 Million Miles. You receive a gift at each million miles you fly. Delta 1 Million = lifetime Silver Medallion, 2 Million = Gold, 4 Million = Platinum Medallion status.

I am not sure if American gives a gift, but according to their website 1 Million = lifetime Gold + 35,000 bonus miles and 2 Million = lifetime Platinum + 4 one-way systemwide upgrades.

I know this is not relevant for most people as only a few fly this much, but it is nice to be recognized for your loyalty (and not nice, as it means I must be getting old).

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