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United Global First Lounge Review ORD

*** See bottom for update. United is doing away with their Global First Lounges and updating them with their new Polaris concept lounges.

United Airlines has a handful of International 1st Class Lounges (now called United Global First Lounge). To my knowledge they have Global First Lounges at HKG, NRT (Tokyo), LAX, SFO, IAD, JFK (I don’t think they fly internationally from JFK anymore, but use it for 1st Class passengers to LAX & SFO), and ORD. They use a Star Alliance lounge at LHR that may have a 1st Class section and I am not sure if you can use Lufthansa’s 1st Class Lounge in FRA (although we were flying LH on this trip. Hopefully they reciprocate)  They are yet to have Global First Lounges in IAH or EWR.

The First Class Lounge in Chicago is located near Gate C-18 . It is a little hard to find as it is tucked in the corner near the Customer Service area in Concourse C. There were 2 agents who greeted us. I can not say it was an overwhelming warm reception, but maybe because we were flying Lufthansa, or maybe because our only question pertained our flight from FRA to CDG  (if flying Lufthansa the agent for LH is at the United Lounge near Gate B-17). The lounge is small but a big improvement from the United Club (old Red Carpet Club). There are no computers, but there is free Wi-Fi access with T-Mobile. Where they really stand out from a usual United Club is the food and drinks they offer and providing a more intimate, peaceful setting. Some of the United Clubs can be very crowded (especially IAD) and they all serve the same snack mix. In this lounge there were several food items from soup (you could also make your own noodle soup), sandwiches, nut mix (cashew & almonds), cheese, some hot appetizers, fruit skewers, cookies, cheesecake (not sure if it was Eli’s, but it was good), and a few others.

There is also a well stocked open bar, coffee maker and refrigerator with beer, soft drinks, juice, etc

I think there is also a shower facility. I did not see one, but I have used it in the past and I know this lounge acts as their Arrival Lounge as well.

The United Global First Lounge at ORD is a nice change from the United Club . It is very quite and relaxing (I think they only have 1 TV & and do not have the bar that the regular club’s have) and is a nice way to start your International 1st Class flight.

For a review of United’s International Global First service please visit;

*** It is now 2018 and this review is no longer relevant. United is in the process of upgrading all their First Class Lounges into Polaris Business Class Lounges. It appears United is slowly doing away with International First Class as their new 777-300’s & 787’s only have Polaris Business Class. These new lounges can only be accessed when flying in Polaris First (old Global First) or Polaris Business Class (long-haul). Currently the only Polaris Lounge location is at ORD near gate C-18 where this First Class Lounge I reviewed was located and SFO International Terminal beginning of the G gates. United still has some First Class (Global First) Lounges at their hub airports until they open their new Polaris Lounge. They are taking their sweet time opening these lounges up. Originally the following locations were to open in early 2018; EWR, LHR and later in 2018; IAH, LAX, NRT, HKG, IAD. Now they only expect LAX, IAH, and EWR to open in 2018, with LHR, HKG, IAD, and NRT to follow in the next “few years”.

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