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United 787 Domestic Routes Update

Here is another update on United’s 787. Yesterday (May 18, 2013) I received a notice from United that they have information on the reintroduction of their 787 Dreamliners. They now say they will begin flying tomorrow (May 20th) on Domestic routes and begin flying Internationally on June 10th on United’s new Denver to Tokyo route. I am ticketed on two flights in early June between LAX to IAH on the 787 and will have a review of it shortly thereafter (

Click the link below to read more from United on the 787.

This is an update (May 4, 2013) to the prior article below on United’s 787 Dreamliner;

Finally the 787 Dreamliner has fixed it’s battery issue and has been cleared by the FAA to begin passenger service again. Ethiopian Airlines was the first airline to start flying the Dreamliner again on April 27th. Other airlines (LOT, JAL, ANA, UAL, to name a few) are to start flying the 787 immediately, soon, or later this month. United Airlines is scheduled to start domestic service May 31, 2013 and is still planning their inaugural international flight from Denver to Tokyo’s Narita (NRT) on June 10th. United’s web site has very little updated news about their 787’s.  As of now they will fly their domestic schedule through their hub in Houston (IAH). So starting May 31st you can start to fly the 787 on flights from IAH to DEN, LAX, and ORD, and can actually book these flights now. Hopefully since they are waiting so long to reintroduce them, they will actually fly on flights they are scheduled to fly (was an issue before they were grounded). But I will try to book a ticket from ORD to LAX thru IAH on 787’s on both legs so I have a better chance of actually flying on it.

As of today (Sept. 1, 2012) it is possible to book flights on some upcoming domestic routes United will be using the 787 Dreamliner on. They will fly the 787 from IAH to their other hubs. I know they will fly between ORD and IAH starting Nov. 4th thru Dec. 3rd. and then again from Jan. 4th thru March 29th. They will also fly between IAH and SFO, EWR, DEN, IAD, and LAX. After these domestic runs they will use the 787 on International routes . I guess I need to be in Houston or Chicago in November!

I just found this page on United’s site with all flights and times the 787 will fly domestically;

Here is another page on United’s site with more information on the 787;

5 thoughts on “United 787 Domestic Routes Update

    1. Patrick Post author

      ORD to IAH. Had to get flight to PHX instead of SAN, because the 787 segment wasn’t offered from ORD to SAN. Hopefully they will actually fly the 787 on this route. It wasn’t supposed to fly from ORD – IAH in December. But my flight is in early December. I have heard they have had some delays, although the first flight flew on schedule November 4th from IAH to ORD.

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