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Airport Spectrum LAX Parking Review

**** Here is an update to this location. Yesterday (November 2017) I parked at the old Park Air Express as I was staying at the LAX Hilton for the evening. I saw that this location is no longer called Park Air Express, but is now called Airport Spectrum LAX Parking. The rate for one day was $16.50 (that includes tax – published rate was around $15.29) As long as you do not need in and out access Airport Spectrum Parking was half the price as the Hilton. Now I did arrive late and there was no one there to assist me, but I found a space where I could exit without blocking someone in or being blocked in. The rest of what I wrote four years ago (outside the price) is basically the same. Full review is below.

I have been having a hard time posting more than one review a month the last few months, even though I have traveled enough to post several. So I thought I would review something that is not as time consuming, but can also be very helpful at the same time. LAX has many parking options and most are a reasonable distance from the airport. The last two times I drove my car to LAX for a flight and needed to park my car I chose Park Air Express. The first time, which was back in June, was only because they were offering a Groupon and then again two weeks ago because they had a coupon through their site (

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Park Air Express is located less than a mile from LAX at 5757 W Century Blvd. under the Airport Spectrum Building. The entrance is small and can be easily missed (just past Hilton).The first time I parked there I was happy I gave myself a little extra time (more for the uncertainty of traffic) because it was slightly confusing where to park. I just kept driving down until I saw an attendant and asked him where I could park. It turned out that is where the airport parking started. I believe it was the third level. The airport parking is also shared with the building parking so in both cases I left my keys with the attendant because I was parked behind someone that worked in the building (double and triple spots). This past time the attendant told me to park in an empty space and that because a good portion of people who park there are working in the building that I could keep my keys and just leave when I returned (was returning in evening). I was afraid I would be boxed in and did not want to wait for them to move cars when I returned and opted to have them keep my keys. He was right. There were far less cars parked when I returned than when I dropped my car off. I also believe there is more parking below level three. I would imagine arriving around the time the work day starts would be a little more hectic. Both times I arrived around 10am and I was the only person trying to park. The attendants are friendly and helpful.

Park Air Express

After you park your car. Take the elevator to the lobby into the building. Both times I  parked very close to the elevator. Once in the lobby follow the signs to Park Air Express. It is a short walk and around the corner you will arrive into their lobby. The pick-up location is just beyond their counter, but if confused just ask where the shuttle pick-up is located (it is in the alley and can be hard to find). I waited maybe five minutes for the shuttle to arrive and after he loaded all the passengers we promptly departed to the airport. The driver offered me a USA Today which was a nice touch. Because they are located so close to the airport it is literally a two minute drive to Terminal 1. I was leaving out of Terminal 4 so it is several minutes longer. The drop off is upstairs on the departure level. It took exactly 25 minutes from the time I pulled into the garage until I was checking in for my flight.

The return was even more efficient. You pick the shuttle up in front of each terminal on the lower/arrivals level under the red sign for hotel and parking shuttles. I arrived on United into Terminal 7 and was lucky enough to arrive at shuttle stop as the green Park Air Express shuttle was pulling up. As this is the last stop we were back to the garage in less than 5 minutes. Once you arrive back at Park Air Express you can pay for your parking at the counter or return to your car and drive up to counter area and pay for your parking. This is also the time to present any coupon you have. I went down to retrieve my keys and car before I drove up to present my free day coupon and pay for my parking.  With the coupon for the two days it was only $13.95. The first time with the Groupon I paid around $18 for three days parking (but I was only there for two). So not only is the parking close to the airport and covered, but also reasonably priced. But what made me happiest is that I was in my car on Century Blvd. heading home in only 20 minutes from the time I stepped off my flight.

Park Air Express

Park Air Express rates are; $13.95/day (valet $17.50), AAA discount $12.95/day (2 day min.), $11.00/day corporate ($13.95 valet), $69.75/weekly ($87.50 valet). They also have a FREEquent parking program where you get a free car wash or free parking after six visits. Unfortunately, I have to drive up to LAX again next week to catch a flight and will again be parking my car at Park Air Express.



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