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Mileage Plus credit for flying US Airways

This past month I have flown on two US Airways flights and finally payed attention to how I was credited for these flights.

The one negative aspect of the Star Alliance (at least where United is concerned) is that when you fly a Star Alliance partner you do not get your elite bonus miles with Mileage Plus. In other words, if flying from LAX to Tokyo on ANA, ORD to Warsaw on LOT, or even BKK to Phuket on Thai. You would just receive actual miles flown (if your fare qualifies). You would not get your Premier Bonus regardless of what level you are. The exceptions to this is if you flew on a Star Alliance member and it had a United flight number (codeshare). This gives the same credit as if flying on United (however, these miles do not count towards Million Miler status). Flying on Lufthansa gives same Premier bonuses as if flying on United, and supposedly US Air is same. Not to get off track, but this is where Delta and the Sky Team are better than the Star Alliance. If flying Aeroflot from SVO to LHR, Air France CDG to JFK or any Sky Team flight, Medallion’s receive same bonus as if flying on Delta (again, as long as fare qualifies).

So on my two trips, I received same Premier bonus miles on both flights. From PHL to SFO I received 2521 actual miles flown plus 2521 miles for my 100% bonus for being a 1K. In addition, I also received an additional 50% class of service bonus for a total of 6302 award miles for that flight. The best part was the class of service bonus went towards my Premier Qualifying Miles. So I received 3781 miles towards re-qualifying for 1K next year. I was very happy to find this out because I have flown many of United’s Star Alliance partners in the past and only received actual miles flown and no bonus for PQM’s. I do think United has changed this with all Star Alliance Airlines since the merger with Continental. Now, you do receive class of serve bonus towards PQM’s just like as if you were flying United. I just looked back at a Thai flight I took from Krabi to BKK in February and I did receive PQM credit for a Business Class ticket.

However, on the US Air PHX to SAN flight I took I only received actual miles flown. Not the standard 500 mile minimum Premiers receive. So I was credited with 308 miles and 100% bonus of 308. I then also only received credit for 308 Year to date miles. In addition, the miles you earn flying US Air do not count towards Million Miler status on United (it may if it is a codeshare and carries a United flight #).

For the most part flying US Air will give you the same mileage credit as if flying United. Same bonuses and same YTD. I assume the reverse is true for US Air Dividend Mile members when flying on United Airlines.

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Pat's Travel Reviews

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