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Lufthansa First Class Lounge Review Frankfurt

As I said in an earlier post the First Class Lounge in FRA is very nice. In fact, as nice as any lounge I have ever been in. Lufthansa has upgraded their First Class experience on the ground from a few years ago (at a time when many airlines were doing away with International First Class), Lufthansa actually made their product more appealing. The last time I flew First Class on LH was about 5 years ago and remember reading about how they were building these new 1st Class Lounges. I was disappointed that it was not available on my trip (their lounges were not so nice then) and was looking forward to flying them again. Unfortunately, it has become much harder to get a reward ticket in 1st on LH with UA Mileage Plus (except last minute where many seats seem to be available). So this trip was my first experience with the Lufthansa First Class Lounge.

Lufthansa has 3 First Class Lounges at FRA. They actually have a separate 1st Class Terminal for 1st class passengers departing from FRA as well as lounges in departure area B and the one we used in departure area A (near gate A26). In addition, they have several Business Lounges and Senator Lounges (Senator Lounges are slightly nicer and was used for 1st class passengers before the First Class Lounges were built) at FRA.

Access to Lufthansa’s First Class Lounge is reserved only for Lufthansa’s HON Members (I could never figure out what that stood for, but know it is their highest Elite FF level) and International 1st Class passengers. It is not eligible for 1st Class Customers on Star Alliance Carriers (I assume this means UA as well).

The entrance to this Lounge is immediately after passport and was unassuming. I thought the lounge would be very small by how it looked when we first entered. After the agent greeted us and looked at our arrival boarding passes she showed us to the main area. The Lounge is actually very spacious and feels very new. The furniture and decor is very masculine (they even have a Cigar Lounge). I do not remember seeing any computers, but wifi is provided at no charge. The only trouble I had was finding an outlet to charge my laptop (I had to use converter) They do have individual work stations as well which I did not see (may even have computers there) that I am sure have plenty of outlets.

Since I was full I decided to take a shower (actually a bath) and would have loved to have gotten a massage (unfortunately their spa is in their Departure Area B Lounge – figures!!) . The shower room was great.Very big and had a nice big bath tub to take a nice long soak.  The toiletries were from Etro which gave it an even more elegant feel. There is also a toilet in the room as well as a shower. Besides the shower area there are also a few quite rooms with day beds that looked very comfortable and relaxing (I wished we had more time so I could have slept for an hour).

The first thing that struck me about this lounge was the amount of food to choose from. It was overwhelming. We arrived in the morning so there were many breakfast items on the buffet (eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, yogurt, cold meats, cheese etc.). There was also plenty of sweets to choose from as well as a candy station (Lufthansa has always had gummy bears in their lounges). In addition, they also had menu service (like eating in a restaurant).  Because I was still a little full I didn’t take advantage of the many dishes available but did have a very tasty glass of orange juice (fresh!!!) before my bath and after had the bartender (she was behind a very nice bar) make me a strawberry-banana smoothie which was also very tasty.  Before we left for our Paris flight I forced my wife to try the chocolate covered strawberry’s (she was also full) because they were so good (she had 3 – me more).

I actually wished our flight left a little later so we could take advantage all this lounge had to offer. I would have also liked to been there after breakfast (and not been so full) to see what dishes they had for lunch (as well as been able to get one of my favorite things to eat – a Bavarian Pretzel!)

It is one of the great things about traveling for business so much is that thru your frequent flyer program you can experience things that you could never afford. A roundtrip 1st Class ticket from LAX to CDG on LH cost $15,000. However, it always amazes me how some airlines try to even nickel and dime their premium customers. Because many of my International Business and 1st Class tickets are using miles I never get to upset when airlines come short of providing something (things like not providing a ticket jacket, running out of a meal, a drink (Air France once ran out of Coke), not providing amenity kits, having bad lounges, etc.) But if I paid that kind of money (or even $8,000 for Business) I would expect what Lufthansa delivers. I was very happy to see and really enjoyed that they provide a true First Class experience!!

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