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Brussels Airline Lounge Review

United Airlines uses the Brussels Airlines lounge in Terminal B. Just after security up 1 level (level 4). There are 3 lounges here. Airport lounge, British Airways lounge, and Brussels Airline Lounge. Even though we were flying 1st Class there is no Global First Lounge in Brussels. If flying First Class and using a partner lounge (Star Alliance Lounge) you have the same access as if flying Business Class. So unfortunately, we had to use the Brussels Airline Lounge. I do not have much good to say about this lounge. It is very crowded and difficult to find a seat. There are several flights to North America leaving BRU now from Star Alliance Carriers (Air Canada has 2, US Air, United has 3), and Brussels Airlines flight (they just started service to JFK June 1st). They do have free wireless (must get a code) but it is a little slow. Their snack selection is sparse (only a bowl of pretzels and crackers, some fruit and yogurt in the refrigerator. A coffee machine and plenty of drinks also in the refrigerator) and no reading materiel you can take with you. Newspapers are on racks like in a library.  But, if I paid for a 1st Class seat (even Business Class) and this was lounge I got to use I would be very upset and certainly not take United again on this route (now I wish we took the Lufthansa flight to LAX thru FRA)

I did walk in the BA lounge (because Delta uses this lounge for their BRU flights and thought on the odd chance I could use my Crown Room card there – of course I couldn’t) and it was very nice.

The Airport in general is very old looking (My wife said it feels like a train station). Returning the car to Hertz was easy and we were checking in for Our flight in a few minutes. Passport was a little slow, but security did have a fast lane that saved at least 10 minutes. There are many shops after passport and before security, but looks like not so many after security. I wished we looked around before Security. We are about to find out as I no longer want to stay in the lounge.

Just an update. After several flights started boarding the lounge is certainly less busy and not as hectic feeling (although in last 10 minutes some poor man cracked his face into a glass window and cut himself) But still one of the oldest and in a need for a makeover lounges I have ever been in (and I have been in many lounges in Eastern Europe). The other thing that happened they brought out the afternoon snacks and now there is a greater selection. Carrot soup, bigger cheese selection, many cold sandwiches, some tasty small french rolls (this improved my mood alone 🙂 ). But I think the biggest disappointment is there are no chocolates. And Belgium is the home of chocolate!!!

There have been a few sightings of some interesting Birds. A 767 Ethiopian with The Star Alliance paint scheme. Air Canada 767, Thai triple bird, Turkish 737-800, Middle East 320 (to Beirut), Hainan Airlines 330, 2 UAL triple birds, A couple Delta 76’s and a US Air 76. I haven’t seen the Brussel’s Airline 330 to New York yet.

To see an update and photo’s of Brussels Airline Business Class Lounge please visit;

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Pat's Travel Reviews

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