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ANA International Business Class Lounge Review HND Tokyo Haneda

The ANA Lounge at Haneda Airport is located across from gate 110 on the 2nd floor. There is both a Business Class Lounge and First Class Lounge (ANA Suite Lounge). The International Terminal at HND is new and therefore so is the lounge. Suite Lounge is to the right and Business (and Star Alliance Gold) to the left. The lounge was very quite when I arrived as all of ANA’s flights are after Midnight and my flight to LAX was the first leaving at 12:05 am. The agents were pleasant enough when I entered the lounge and I asked about taking a shower. I was told there were six people ahead of me so she gave me a vibrating pager (like the one’s they give you in restaurants) and I headed to the lounge to grab a bite to eat.

ana lounge 2

The Dining area is very large with lots of seating and a large selection of food. Several hot buffet style dishes are available as well as sushi, some small sandwiches and salad.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I had a stew with rice and Chinese noodles. It was so good I went back for seconds. Plus, like ANA’s Lounge at Narita there is also a Noodle Station. There seemed to be a smaller selection of noodles here, but the food selection is much bigger than I remember at NRT. In addition to the many food ana lounge 4items in the Dining area, there is also a refrigerator with juices and cheese and crackers, a small selection of desserts, a coffee machine that made coffee, espresso, etc., a fountain drink dispenser, beer tap, as well as a large selection of spirits. I was very happy with the food selection in this lounge and since I had not eaten for a while I was hungry. Also, the main meal on the LAX flight is served before landing so it was going to be a while before I ate again.

ana lounge 6Shortly after I finished eating and was about to get on the computer my pager buzzed. I received a key for the shower room from the reception area and was off to take a shower. The shower room is small and was very warm (there was fan in there so I assume it is always this way), but perfect for a refreshing shower. There were packets of soap and shampoo in a basket as well as a razor and shaving cream. Towels were provided and the shower was very nice (water did not spill onto the floor like some lounge showers). But the highlight was the toilet 🙂 Typical Japanese toilet with all the functions (heater, spray, and I am not sure what the rest of the options do and am always to afraid to find out).

ANA Lounge HND

When I returned from the shower the lounge had become a little crowded. As I said the lounge is new and has a very contemporary feel. The Business Class side is very large and even with the increase in passengers there were still plenty of places to sit . Either in a chair with tables in front or on a stool with counter seating. There are several TV sized flight monitors ana lounge 7throughout the lounge as well as a few TV’s with local Japanese programming (there was an earthquake earlier in the day so all channels were devoted to that). There is also a desk within the lounge for flight assistance. A selection of newspapers (mostly Japanese) was also near this desk. There were a few small laptop computers in the back of the lounge. However, I had my own computer so ana lounge 1I never tried any of these but I imagine they worked better than the connection I received. Wifi was free in the lounge, but it was very slow. I asked twice to see if I was doing something wrong. But unfortunately I wasn’t. I did find that as I moved closer to the entrance of the lounge the connection did improve. Outside of the computers in the back I did not see any other work desks. There were plenty of outlets (Japan has basically the same outlets as USA,100 vs 110, but same two prongs) throughout the lounge so charging your phone or your computer was not an issue. Also towards the back of the lounge there is another bar area that only had a few dry snacks, but a full compliment of beverages. From juice, coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine, and spirits.


The one thing I did not see was a quite area or sleeping area. But unlike Narita where ANA has many connecting passengers, Haneda is still mostly used for domestic flights. Most of ANA’s International flights there leave after midnight and are point to point. So not many international connecting passengers.

Outside of the very slow internet connection the ANA Lounge at HND’s International Terminal is very nice and a great way to spend an hour or two before your flight.

2 thoughts on “ANA International Business Class Lounge Review HND Tokyo Haneda

  1. Mike m

    One of the worst lounges. Asked about a shower and said 20 people are waiting. 1000 people in here with 1050 seats. Let everyone in with any type of ANA membership like the admirals or United club in the states will make sure to go to Narita next time or another carrier

    1. Patrick Post author

      Hi Mike, Interesting!! What time were you there? It should only be busy late in the evening and maybe very early in the morning because of the take-off and landing restrictions at Haneda. I was there 2 years ago and I know they have added many flights to HND. I have experienced the same at BA’ First Class lounge at LHR terminal 5 (couldn’t shower, etc.). The next time I was in this same lounge it was the complete opposite experience. You are correct that United Club members (not Admirals Club though) as well as Star Alliance Gold members are entitled to access (so if UAL or LH flight was leaving would explain large crowd). My experience at NRT is their lounges can be busy as well, however, I have used the ANA lounge twice at NRT and it was very quite both times. So maybe that is better option.

      Happy travels!!!!

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