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American Airlines new Business & First Class

Today I received an e-mail (part of a promotion) from American Airlines detailing their new International Business Class & First Class on the 777-300. The seats in Business Class are in a herringbone position with all seats having aisle access (1x2x1). But not the severe herringbone seating that Virgin Atlantic or Air Canada has. The First Class seats also all have aisle access (1x2x1 as well). The neat thing I saw in the First Class seats is that it can swivel to the side so it acts as a desk and chair to do some work. The TV screens come out of the side like British Airways. American will become the first US Airline to have turn-down service in First Class as well as the first to have a walk-up bar for premium customers. Not quite the same bar as Virgin or Korean have, this one looks more self service. They are updating their fleet with these new seats throughout 2013 (and I imagine thru 2014 as well – they are never done when they think). This new 777-300 also has American’s new Main Cabin Extra seating. With a seat pitch of 35 to 37 inches it is slightly more roomy than Delta or United. But the best part of the 777-300 Main Cabin Extra seating is it is 3x3x3 across, whereas the rest of economy is 3x4x3 and it appears to be in it’s own cabin (but, there are only 4 rows). Also like the other US Carriers that have premium economy seating there is no difference in service or the seat itself.

American also has new economy, business, and first class seats on their new A321’s transcontinental service which is supposed to start this fall. Here is a video from Youtube that shows both the new seats on the 777-300 as well as the A321;

This is a link to AA’s site illustrating the new 777-300;

You can also read about more on American’s new fleet here;

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Pat's Travel Reviews

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