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Alaska Airlines 737-400 First Class Review to Los Cabos (SJD)

This review is for an Alaska Airlines flight from San Diego to Los Cabos (Cabo San Lucas) Mexico. Alaska has two flights a day from San Diego to Mexico. Puerto Vallarta  as well as Los Cabos. The flight times are great. Departures are in the late morning and return in the late afternoon. I am sure this service is similar to all of Alaska’s flights from Southern California to Mexico (SEA & SFO probably has better meal service, and SEA may have DigE players), although catering may be different on flights from Mexico to the USA. I was upgraded to First Class based on my Delta Gold Medallion status (I get upgraded more on Alaska than I do on Delta).  IMG_0014

There are twelve seats in First Class on this 737-400. I was seated in 3D, the last row of First Class. These seats have limited recline as there is a partition between First and Economy. I originally was seated in 1C, but there is no seat-back pocket in 1C or D, so I decided to switch to row 3 (I didn’t know about the limited recline at the time). I was grateful to be in either seat, but needless to say, row 2 has the best aisle seats in First on Alaska Airlines 737-400’s. The seats were nice and wide, but seemed to have less leg room than other 737’s I have flown on Alaska (certainly less than 40” of pitch, maybe 38”).

Boarding was early & very quick (usual with Alaska) and we pushed several minutes before our departure time. There was no pillow or blanket on the seat when we boarded nor was a pre-departure drink offered. Wifi was available on this flight, however, I did not use it, so I can not comment on its connection. There were three flight attendants, one in First, the other two for Economy.


It is a little over 800 miles to SJD from SAN so the flight time was a quick 1hr 45min. Shortly after take-off we were offered drinks and a mixed pretzel package. Several minutes later, the flight attendants asked if we wanted lunch. I was curious to see if the service would be any different flying Internationally on Alaska compared to Domestic. It was not. A hot beef sandwich with cold potato wedges and a Seattle Chocolate Truffle was served. There was not much meat on the sandwich, but it was edible (better tasting than it looked). I have had this same lunch on the SEA to SAN flight. Unfortunately, the Seattle Chocolate was the only dessert. By the time I had finished eating, the flight attendant was handing out immigration forms.

We landed 10 minutes early. It was disappointingly cool and cloudy on our arrival. We deplaned directly onto the tarmac and it was a short walk to immigration and baggage claim. Passport and customs was quick (we did not check a bag) and we were on our way to National Car Rental a short time later (that was not quick).


Alaska’s service to Mexico, like most (if not all) US Airlines. Same as flying within the USA. It was nice to get a meal on such a short flight, but the service was the same as if flying to Portland (PDX) or anyother two hour flight. So do not expect anything special. Service was ok, and Alaska’s 737-400’s are starting to show their age a little. But punctuality, as with most of my experiences with Alaska, was right on.

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