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Lufthansa 747-800

Lufthansa starts to fly the 747-800 from FRA to IAD on June 1, 2012. My Wife and I are flying to Paris thru FRA on a 747-400 in First Class this Saturday and I hope to change our flight (is on award ticket so possible to do) on our return from Brussels on June 2nd. We have a single connection thru IAD now on UAL, but maybe we can change to fly thru FRA and IAD on the new 747-800. Hopefully she is not reading this because  somehow she doesn’t see the enjoyment of adding another airport and a few more hours for the sake of flying in a new plane 🙂

Below is a YouTube video with the interior of the new 747-800.

They moved First Class from upstairs replacing it with Business Class. I always liked the upstairs for Business Class and the front of the plane for First Class. So I think it is a good move. Their business class seats look much improved. I also saw the red rose in the First Class section. That is one thing I did not comment on our flight to FRA. They did not have the rose on that flight. I had forgotten they place a rose at each seat in First Class. I always thought that was a nice touch, but I guess not that big of a deal since I forgot about it.

As an update to this post you can see my review of Lufthansa’s Business Class on the 747-8 on the link below;

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Pat's Travel Reviews

Pat's Travel Reviews